Jamesco glass louvres provide an attractive and practical alternative to windows especially when you are looking for a solution that provides ventiliation and light in otherwise hard to access places.

Using our unique louvre designs it is possible to create a two-storey tall lobby or vestibule that is both well lit and has superb air and smoke ventilation.

Our designs combine style with function and safety and have been chosen by a number of clients for their functional usage and prestigious aesthetic.

Why Choose Jamesco

We have years of industry experience and have designed, manufactured and installed an extensive range of glass, stainless steel and aluminium features for a number of major Sydney clients including:

  • LendLease
  • AW Edwards and
  • Built

We are committed to building strong relationships with our building partners that foster open and clear communication and to providing our partners with sound solutions that produce striking building results within agreed timeframes and budgets.

Download our brochure or check out our youtube page to find out more about proprietary louvre systems.