Steel Truss Design and Installation

At Jamesco we have worked with a number of leading building companies and designed trusses or open web girders to meet their exacting specifications and requirements.

Using state of the art software we have designed and overseen the manufacture and installation of in several large building projects.

We have experienced designing and overseeing the installation of a wide range of truss types including:

  • Pratt Truss
  • Warren Truss
  • Saw-tooth Truss
  • Fink Truss

and can provide you with sound and reliable advice on the best option for your architectural or building project.

Creating All Weather Spaces

We have also designed and installed trusses to convert open air areas into all weather covered areas without compromising light or ventilation and preserved or enhanced their usability.

Why Choose Jamesco for Truss Design and Installation

  • The team at Jamesco have years of industry experience and have worked with and installed trusses and other glass and aluminium features for a number of major Sydney clients including:
    • LeadLease
    • AW Edwards and
    • Built
  • We are committed to building strong relationships with our buildling partners that foster open and clear communication and to providing our partners with sound solutions that produce striking building results within agreed timeframes and budgets.